Ben – “The Natural”

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I’m Ben. My whole name is Benjamin, just like Benjamin Franklin in our history book. I’m not famous yet but I think I will be someday. I can throw a mean fastball and I know someone will want me to play on a real team soon, I hope. I am 7 years old and my birthday is March 14. Then I will be 8 years old.

I want to go to a really big baseball game with lots of people and hot dogs to eat. I saw that on TV and I think that would be really cool. Can you take me soon? And we can eat peanuts and maybe I could catch a fly ball to take home.

When you adopt me, I would really like a baseball glove of my own. I have to use one that’s too big and I think I could be a better catcher if I had one that fits better. But I really like to throw best of all instead of catching.

What do you like to do? I hope you come to see me soon at Spring Hill and we can play together. I also like watermelon and pizza to if you wanted to know.

Good Bye.

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