Lilly – “My Dreamer”

I am Lilly and I have just come to live in this big house called Spring Hill. I never had many kids to play with, so it was really different to have lots of people around all the time. But, now I really like having so many new friends and someone to play with any time.

The thing I want most in the whole wide world, is to have a mommy to love me. I never knew my mommy so I think that would be the best thing ever, to have a person to call MY MOM. Aunt Vallie is so nice and I like her a lot, but she said that someday I would be adopted and have a real mother.

I like to do a lot of things. I can play the piano at little and I love that. I hope someone can give me lessons and I can get better. I also like to color and paint a lot. Aunt Vallie hangs our pictures we draw and paint, up all over the dining room walls. She calls it her special Art Gallery. I like that!

Not sure what else to say but I hope that anyone that reads my letter will come to Spring Hill. I would like to meet you and you can come eat lunch with us maybe. It is very nice here but I want a real home of my own someday. Please make my dreams come TRUE!


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