The Children

Welcome to the virtual front porch steps that lead you to Spring Hill Inn for Children. A magical and wonderful place where you open the heavy wooden door and meet each of the children that  live inside.

Each child comes with their unique past but they are drawn together by a common need – To Be Loved.  Under the eaves of this big old house, they come to love Aunt Vallie and heal from the anger, pain and scars from their old lives. Some find this journey easier that others.

Scroll over and Click on each child’s name above and read each child’s letter to a prospective parent. Within each letter, you begin to learn what each one desperately wants and relate to their individual personalities. This is just a taste of what is to come in their adventures of mayhem and mammoth joy! Aunt Vallie never knew what was in store for her!!!

To Read the first Book “Where Does the Dandelion Go?”  Visit Amazon at this direct link





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