Ethan – “The Little Engine that Could!”

Let Ethan charm you by telling his childhood dreams written in a letter to YOU!  Click on the link below.

Hi, I’m Ethan and I am going to be a race car driver someday. I really like cars and trucks. And I like trains that whistle and blow smoke and big boats too. Anything that has an engine on it, I like a whole lot. Maybe I can drive them all one day really soon.

I am 8 right now but one day I will be older. I think you have to be really old, like 16 to drive, but I guess I will have to wait. But it will be such FUN!!!!

I like to eat almost everything. But not spinach!!!! Aunt Vallie makes everything taste pretty good around here. My favorite is the peach cobbler that she makes sometimes. And she puts white ice cream on it too. YUM!

My favorite game to play is “Find the Lost Train.” My friends at Spring Hill hide my little train and then I take my favorite red airplane and find the “lost” train. We rescue all the people inside and save the day. What a great adventure!

I hope that I can meet who I’m writing this letter to. And maybe you will like me enough to adopt me and take me home. But you have to come find me first. Ha Ha ! !


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