Back to School


If you are wondering why I have not posted anything on my blog lately, (and I am sure you are Ha ha ha) I have been taking 2 classes on line! Thus the picture of the gorilla, wondering what in the world she has done!

I thought I was done with organized education many years ago, but I couldn’t help myself!!!! I still have this urge to learn and not let my mind wither and shrink to the size of a walnut. But I should have done just one, but that’s just not my style!

I am learning how to use several types of software to do my own layouts. The other course is about the expanding world of social media. Two different subjects but linked together by the theme of learning and functioning in our ever expanding world of internet connections. My brain is sooooo full and I encourage others to find something they are interested in and take a class! Let’s fight getting older!

Author: rhondaedwardz

Author of Inspirational and Children's Books

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