Samantha – “The Philosopher”



I am Sam. I am 10 years old but I am reading at the 6th grade level and I have made very good grades this year, especially in math and science. I do plan to go to college, which I know you must consider before adopting me since that takes a lot of money.

I would like you to call me Sam because it is much easier to spell and to say. I really hate it when people misspell my name or say it wrong.

Also, I have decided that I want to be pilot who flies the big jets I see up in the sky. I can just imagine someone saying, “Good Morning, Captain Sam. It’s so nice to have you flying for us today.” I would really love that!

My favorite hobby is reading especially about famous people and all the far away places they have been. Amelia Earhart was so awesome! She was a woman who did what she wanted to do, even a long time ago. And she was very brave.

I look forward to meeting you soon. I would also like to get a letter from you if you have time. I have always wanted someone to write a letter just to me with a pretty stamp on it. Please come to Valley Hill soon and we will talk about your adopting me.


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