Brianna “The Equestrian”

Listen to Brianna !!!!          She will read her letter to you. AMAZING .           Just click on the link and Enjoy.




I am Brianna and I am almost 8 years old. I know my birthday is coming soon but it seems so far away. I want to be 8 now and then I will be old enough to stay up at night like a big kid.

All I want for my birthday is a big cake with candles on it and chocolate icing. And maybe a horse, a brown one if possible. Can you do that if you adopt me? Please!!!!!!

My favorite things are horses and riding horses even though I have only done it a couple of times. It was wonderful!!!!!!   I did read a book about a princess that had a beautiful brown horse. She loved him very much and rode him every day. He was her best friend and she named him Lucky. They were friends forever!!!!!

That’s what I want – a big horse to love me forever. And of course, I want a family to take me home and love me forever too. I don’t think I really want to be a princess, just have a regular family and a horse. And I don’t have to have a really big cake either just please make it chocolate.That’s all.

Thank you,

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