Jo – “The Athlete”


My name is Jo. Not Joann or Betty Jo, just plain Jo.

I like anything that I can throw, kick or hit like soft balls, tennis balls, soccer balls, footballs and of course basketballs. I’ve never been bowling before but I might like that too. Making 5 free throws in a row is my best day ever! I wish you could have seen me.

I hate dresses. Please don’t make me wear one if you adopt me. But if I have to, maybe you can find one that’s not pink and doesn’t have lace on it. Have you ever tried to kick a ball with a dress on? AWFUL.

I’m supposed to tell you what I want to be when I grow up but I don’t know. I guess I will play basketball somewhere and become famous and make lots of money. But, I also like to draw and paint with bright colors. That makes me feel good and I might like to do that if someone will pay me money for it.

I know you are looking for someone to adopt and take home, but I hope I’m not the only kid there. I really want lots of brothers and sisters to play with. I don’t want to be the only one there, if you can do that. And I will try to be very good.

Thank you,


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