The Importance of Face to Face Conversation


I just read a well written article on a site called  – art of It is a powerful illustration of how important it is to have regular face to face conversations. And not just a superficial “hello” or “how’s the Yankees this year” ha ha. But real conversations that matter.

The crux of the article is in regards to the friendship that developed between JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis over time. They shared much in common but were divided in regards to God. Tolkien was a devoted Catholic and Lewis was a self proclaimed atheist, according to the article.

Unlike folks today, they did not shy away from the topic of religion. They discussed it. They shared their views and ideas with each other, even though there was a big divide in their beliefs. Then they spent time apart and thought about what each had shared and what they had learned.

If they had not been willing to talk about who they were, what they believed and shared it, we would have never have had such wonderful stories as the Chronicles of Narnia. No Asuland? How horrible!!! And so many more very important works that CS Lewis wrote after his acceptance of Christ and his salvationn

What are we losing as a people, a nation and a world, by only taking about Accepted and Safe topics? Everything that makes us unique and special. And that is a tragic loss!

Please spend time today, face to face, with cell phones off and stored away, talking to people, even those that don’t believe exactly the same way you do. It is only by Real communication that we exchange ideas and have growth. Who knows you may learn something and have fun too!

>The Power of Conversation

The Power of Conversation: A Lesson from CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien

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