Tommy – “The Chief of Tom Tom”



My name is Tommy.  But I like to be called Swift Feet, a mighty warrior and Chief of the Tom Tom tribe. I am the Chief because I am big and strong, and no one can hurt me. And I can run very, very fast. Just wait until I show you how fast I can run./em>

I read in school about the people who lived here first. They lived in a tribe. That sounds fun with lots of people around who like you and lots of kids to play with.

Please adopt me and make me part of a tribe. I do not care who you are or what tribe you belong to. I can be ready to go real fast.

And I would like to have a dog because I never had one of them before. I don’t care if it is big or small or what color it is, just so it likes me. Dogs always seem so happy to see you. That’s all I can think of and I won’t ask for anything else.

Chief Swift Feet


PS I don’t’ know what I want to be when I grow up but I guess I can still be the Chief maybe.

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