Lucy “The Princess”

Click on this link and listen to Lucy read her letter to YOU!!!!

I‘m Lucy and I’m 7 years old. I live at Spring Hill, but I guess you know that. Did you know that a lot of cool kids live here too? I was kind of scared when I first came, but I’m not now.

I like to do lots of things but I guess my favorite is to play dress up. I put on Aunt Vallie’s shoes and a fluffy white dress I found, then have a tea party with my best friends, Molly and Brianna. It is so much fun! Maybe you could come play with us and have some tea and cookies.

I’m the princess of Spring Hill and all the other kids are my loyal subjects. This house is so big that it looks like a castle. Now I just need a prince. I think maybe Ben or Jon will be ok for now but I want a real prince to come and rescue me. I’m sure he will have great family and they can adopt me. Then I could have my own real family. That is what I really want!

Aunt Vallie says all the kids at Spring Hill write letters to folks who could be their new mommies or daddies, but not sure what else to say.

Come see me soon,

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