Andy – “The Book Worm”


I’m Andy but my little sister calls me “Bookworm” when I don’t pay enough attention to her. She came to Spring Hill several weeks ago, so they let me come too, even though I’m older than all the other kids.

When I’m grown, I want to live far away on Mars or maybe Jupiter. I’ve even thought about building a real time machine where I can travel back and forth in time, anywhere I want. I might let my little sister come to if she is really nice to me.

When I was little, I thought about being an archaeologist and discovering some lost tombs of ancient Egypt but then I decided that was not very practical. So I think time travel or living way out is space doing great scientific experiments to help mankind is the way to go. What do you think?

My favorite hobby is reading. There were no books at the last place I lived, so I started reading an old set of encyclopedias. I got all the way to the letter W before I came here. I hope I get to read the rest of them someday, but for now, there are lots of books at Spring Hill, so I always find something interesting to read.

If you decide to adopt my sister, maybe I could come too. Someone said that I may not get adopted because I’m 13, but that’s ok since I have my books to keep me company. But, I really think we need to be adopted together, since I’m going to be famous someday.

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