Aunt Vallie’s Notes on Brianna

Brianna is a beautiful golden haired 7 year old who is passionate about horses. Her long blond hair is usually in need of taming each morning but she patiently allows me to brush her hair without a struggle. She says that she will need to brush her horse someday and she stoically puts up with the pulling and untangling. Such a sweetie.


Briana’s birthday is a month away, but she has told everyone that she is “almost 8 years old” the past 4 months since her arrival at the Inn. I asked her what special little thing she wanted on her birthday and of course she said a HORSE. When I told her that we didn’t have a bed big enough for a horse, she smiled and said she would settle for a birthday cake since she had never had one before. One chocolate cake with 8 candles will definitely be waiting for her on her birthday!


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