I Became a Geek for a Weekend!!!


Huntsville, Al was the host for the 33rd Con-Stellation convention this weekend. My husband is the ultimate Sci-Fi Geek and truth be told, I grew up loving watching Star Trek! Ha. So, I had a great time meeting writers and artists of a totatally different different genre. The highlights were meeting Orson Scott Card author (Ender’s Game) and Sam Flegal artist of Sci-Fi and Fantasy. I  gave Orson Scott Card one of my books for his little granddaughter (who has the bad habit of hitting other little ones) and I gave another one Sam Flegal for is little 5 year old girl. I love making people happy by sharing my books!


Molly – “The First”


Molly has a voice!!!!! You can click on the above icon and she will actually read her letter to a prospective parent to YOU! That is way cool!
Technology is amazing and so is my dear friend Cathleen Klibanoff.             Sooooooo much fun!

Source: Molly – “The First”

“Where Does the Dandelion Go” now available on Amazon at  http://amzn.com/0996757708

To lean more about the children visit springhillchildren.com

Rocket City Literary Festival

Wow, what a great weekend at the First Rocket City Literary Festival in Huntsville, Al. Lots of authors, speakers, workshops and panels over 2 Days!!! l met so many talented authors and learned so much about the industry. Plus, I got to read my book, “Where Does the Dandelion Go?” on both Saturday and Sunday. Pictures of my booth and the “living art” of 4 of the children. Everyone loved them!


First Book is Published!


I have not posted in a while because I have been soooooo busy getting my first book published!💥❗️🎉  When I got the box of books,  I felt like a child opening a Christmas present and finding exactly what I wanted!!!!!  Wonderful! And now I get to share it with you. Yea!

You can get your copy of “Where Does the Dandelion Go?” On Amazon.com. or contact me and I will make sure you get a copy!

Rhonda Edwards – Published Author (Oh Yea!)

Ready and Waiting

Aunt Vallie is a sweet lady who wants to turn her grandma’s big Victorian house into a home for children who are needing a forever home. It’s an interesting old house with lots of room inside and outside to explore and have adventures in. The bedrooms have fluffy big beds to sleep in (or maybe to jump on and have pillow fights for fun) and a small library filled with books and games. Outside there is a big barn waiting for something to come live there too!. And a big swing hanging on an old oak branch to enjoy and create your own dreams!