About the Author – Rhonda Edwards

Hello and Welcome to Spring Hill

Hello and Welcome to Spring Hill

As a child, growing up in a small town with few playmates, I read almost every book in our small local library. My favorites were “Nancy Drew”, “The Hardy Boys”, “Kim” and the “Boxcar Children”. I would create my own stories and act out elaborate dialogues between my dolls and their imaginary friends. For hours, I would create different scenarios and exciting adventures for the people within them. Needless to say, I had a huge imagination and was never bored.

This ardent love for reading and creating stories naturally led to writing. However, having a career, raising two children with the normal hectic buzz of life, left little time for the fun stuff like writing. However, I always had a book to read even if I was so tired I could only read a few pages each night. Many times, I would fall asleep with a book firmly in my grasp, only to awaken suddenly when it hit my face. I remember forcing myself to let it go for the night even though I wanted to read just a few more pages. Sweet Dreams!

Now life has finally slowed down and writing has returned to its rightful place! My sweet husband has become one of my biggest supporters along with my two little black and white Shih Tzu’s named Charlotte and Maya.

I live in Huntsville, Alabama and after 20 plus years of being here, I call it HOME. I frequently sit in one of the rocking chairs on the front porch drinking sweet tea in the summer and coffee in the winter, dreaming up my next story. But I still miss having a front porch swing like the one my grandma had when I was growing up. I think they are the best places to learn and enjoy the wonderful world God has given us.

To Read the first Book “Where Does the Dandelion Go?”  Visit Amazon at this direct link http://amzn.com/0996757708

4 thoughts on “About the Author – Rhonda Edwards”

  1. Hi Rhonda, Love your website. I would like to know the ages of children the books appeal to the most. I love the illustrations, but have not read the books at all. I’m visiting grandchildren in Kentucky, ages 8 through 17, so I wondered if they might be appealing to any of them. Milana, 8, is reading the Geek Diaries. Elena, 10, is reading The Trilogy. Your books seem to be for younger children, so I would love to hear your opinion. You are one of my sweetest cousins & I love it that you named Aunt Vallie as a character, as you were one of her favorite nieces, who was more of one of her children. LOL!


    1. Hi Diana, Thank you so much for viewing my site. It is a work in progress like most good things!!!
      I hope you had a great time visiting your grand children. You are so blessed to have them !
      My books seem to have a very wide and varied audience with parents and grandparents loving them and then reading them to the younger ones. I have a dear friend nearing 75 who read “Where Does the Dandelion Go?” out loud to her 2 dogs and then read it to her kindergarten Bible classall with smashing reviews! ha ha.
      So to answer your great question, the best response I can give is, “What I put on paper is inspired by God and his Word says we must all become like little children to enter into Heaven. So, anyone of any age that has a child’s sweet, loving heart will understand and feel inspired by the children at Spring Hill Inn.” That’s why I did not put an exact age group on the series.
      Your mother, my real life Aunt Vallie, is always missed, especially during Christmas, I’m sure. But I hope to honor her sweet memory and her Love and Patience will live on in my stories.


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