“When I talk about Spring Hill with the love and passion I have for the subject, people often ask if Spring Hill is ‘real’.  Even though I ‘see’ each child clearly and ‘know them’, it is a journey only taken by a receptive heart.”

“You cannot drive to Spring Hill in your car; take a bus or even a fast train. However, you can go there anytime you wish by reading the stories and interacting with the children. Spring Hill exists in the mind of each reader, as any really good story does.”           

The Author – Rhonda Edwards


Spring Hill Inn for Children is the brainchild of two very creative and slightly unorthodox ladies who met one day by chance and eventually became two parts of a creative, evolving team. One is an artist and the other is a writer – together we are a duo of creative dynamite.

On that first meeting, I fell madly and instantly in love with Cathleen’s Great Pyrenees puppy – Moses. And it was mutual! Now, Moses has grown into a magnificent 125lbs ball of love and Cathleen Klibanoff (Cat) has become a highly cherished friend and the co-creator of many dreams and imaginings.

imageI am so grateful for that meeting and the ensuing months that have followed. Cat and I have created a whole world of children and a safe, creative place for them to reside named Spring Hill Inn for Children.

When you view each artistic sculpture and see the “real” child hidden in its features, you will want to know them better. As you read the stories of their arrival and subsequent adventures at the Inn, you will get to know them as we do. You will “see” them discover their unique gifts as they heal from their past and begin to reach toward a better tomorrow.

Please join us as Spring Hill Inn for Children continues to grow and expand. We have embarked up this wonderful journey and we are so excited to share it with you. In telling this story in both word and image, you will come to love this special place and all the unique people who live there as much as we do!

Get involved by contacting us, posting on our blog, and share with friends and family so they can enjoy this wonderful place and the people within. We look forward to this journey with you!

Rhonda Edwards- The Author

4 thoughts on “Home

    1. Thank you so much Mary. All the stories that have been rambling in my head all these years are finally finding there way out. It’s so interesting to see how this is all working out. I will keep you posted!


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