A Learning Curve

Each day is definitely a journey of learning. I am so blessed to have the time and ability (mild to moderate depending on the day, Ha Ha) to continue to write and learn all I can about the world of writings and publishing.

The most visible sign of my hours of labor is the photo that is featured on this blog. I didn’t even know you could add art or photos to your blog until I saw a gap on my first blog. With some research, I think I know how to do this. Victory. YEA!

The sweet little girl is Molly. She is the very first child to come and reside at Spring Hill Inn for Children. Is she not Absolutely Precious!!! She is the the creation and artwork of Cathleen Klibanoff. The art is entitled “Blow Away”.

When I first saw Molly, I just fell in love with her sweet face and her intense focus on the tiny dandelion seeds floating up in the sky. I instantly “knew” who she was and couldn’t wait to start writing about her.

You can learn about Molly if you use the pull down menu on “Children” and select “Molly”. There is a letter written by Molly to perspective parents that might wish to adopt her.

Furthermore, she is the first subject of a whole series of books for young children that will be available in October (I hope).
The name of the book is “Where Do Dandelions Go?”

Please let me know what you think about Molly and what we are creating! Have a wonderful day!

Author: rhondaedwardz

Author of Inspirational and Children's Books

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