My Very First BLOG


Hello everyone!!!! This is my very first time to ever write a blog! Or even write on a blog. I have read some amazing blogs but I have never had the nerve to do it myself.

Today I am liberated from all my concerns that I might not do it right and I have jumped into this cool world of sharing information.YEA!

I have overcome my lack of computer savvy in order to tell people about Spring Hill Inn for Children, the most interesting and creative place I have ever imagined or written about.

It is a place where some pretty amazing children live and they will love getting messages and answering questions you may have.
The children, both boys and girls, range in age from 6 to 13. And you will get to meet each one as they arrive to live at a very special place – Spring Hill Inn for Children.
Wow, this is FUN! Happy blogging!

Author: rhondaedwardz

Author of Inspirational and Children's Books

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